In-House Extrusion

We have in-house extrusion facilities at both our UK and Ireland production sites. 

Using the highest quality raw materials, with high output, we can tailor our sheet plastic blends to our customers' exact requirements, improving sheet quality, reducing lead times and costs, while also providing peace of mind around the supply and availability of material to support our thermoforming function.

We can custom through colour, texture, thickness and film, plus, we are also able to close the loop on any plastic waste produced by our thermoforming function, by recycling it back into the extrusion process.

Tailored Blends

Once the formula is blended to the correct recipe, the raw blended material (virgin and/or recycled) is transferred into loading hoppers before being dosed onto the screw.


Through a combination of heat and pressure, the raw plastic is extruded through the die. The resulting sheet is instantly cooled by three chrome rollers before entering the thickness “auto gauge” monitor, after which it is slit to the required width.  


At the final stage, we are also able to treat the sheet with a coating of slip agent if desired, before the process is slowed for accumulation, at which point the plastic sheet is wound onto spindles and made into reels of predetermined weights and diameters.