The UK’s Most Searched Pedigree Dog Breeds Revealed

It’s no secret that we are a nation of dog lovers. Over the past few years dog ownership in the UK has soared and as of 2023 34% of UK households are home to at least one dog. As of 2022, the UK pet food market is the second largest in the world and dog food alone is worth a massive 1.59 billion pounds.

During this time, mixed breeds have dominated trends, which have often been bred to combine desirable characteristics of pedigree breeds such as hypoallergenic and anti-moult coats. 

This is perhaps no more evident than with the gorgeous doodle breeds – that is, dogs that have been bred with poodles. Dogs including cavapoos, cockapoos, labradoodles and schnoodles combine the good-natured, easy-going personalities of spaniels, labs, and other breeds with hypoallergenic poodles – with the results proving extremely popular with UK families. 

Nevertheless, we all still hold a great soft spot for pedigree breeds and, as we will reveal, particularly the smaller dog breeds. Using The Kennel Club’s list of registered dog breeds, pet food packaging manufacturer Waddington Europe, can reveal the UK’s pedigree dog breeds* with the most Google searches between 2019-2022.

*Please note that as much as we all love mixed breeds such as the Cockapoo or Labradoodle, they are unfortunately not recognised as pedigree dog breeds by The Kennel Club UK and as such, are not represented on this infographic.

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