are passionate
about packaging

You can see the passion in our people, in the service we provide, in the partnerships we build and the products we produce. We love that packaging has the power to transform our customers’ world, and by working together we can all share in their success.

never lose sight
of the big picture

We’re serious about helping create a sustainable world that our children – and their children – can enjoy. We work each day to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are certified zero waste to landfill and powered by renewable electricity. We design for recycling using 100% rPET material blends and even Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) rPET. That’s packaging with a purpose.

solve problems
for you

We take the challenges that our customers face – no matter how big and complex – and find the best solutions possible. We’re agile and curious, which means if there’s a faster, smarter, more responsible way of doing things we’ll find it, and pass the benefits on to our partners.

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At Waddington Europe, packaging is more than just a business. And for every member of our team, it’s more than just a job. For us it’s personal.