Commitments And Behaviours

Waddington® Europe Commitment

Waddington Europe, as part of the Novolex Group, will become a major strategic player in our chosen markets giving real and measurable value to our customers and stakeholders.

We rise to our customers’ packaging challenges, whatever they are.   
With the flexibility that our competitors can’t match, we provide the product and service our customers need. We have the agility to adapt and innovate to changing demands, from creating new lines with speed and precision to developing ever-more sustainable and responsible solutions.
As a business built on relationships, everything we do puts the customer first. Our knowledgeable and passionate people go the extra mile every day, while keeping one eye on where the sector is heading. Only then can we flex to deliver the right products and flawless service in a safe environment that help our customers thrive. 

Core Behaviours

Safety Conscious

Safety is our number one priority. We create an environment that is safe and keep ourselves and others free from harm or danger.

Focus on Creating Value

Our primary objective is to create value, for our Customers, Stakeholders and Employees. We continuously improve in all we do.


We make each other successful by sharing our strengths, skills, knowledge and experience. Diversity makes us strong. People Development makes us stronger. We are one team, we win together.

Honesty and Integrity

We communicate respectfully, openly and honestly. We have strong moral principles and ethics. We create an environment of fairness, equality and trust.


We take responsibility for ourselves, our decisions, our teams and our roles in everything we do. We plan and prepare thoroughly in order to succeed.

Daring to be different

We are innovative, creative and open-minded. We seek out opportunities, are adventurous and have the courage to explore.

Working For Waddington Europe - it’s not just a job, it’s a career opportunity!

Welcome to the team and the start of your career with us at Waddington Europe. We are passionate about providing our employees with the opportunities to develop themselves and grow within our company. But don’t just take our word for it, read the below employee testimonies.

"It all started in the second half of 2013. That time I was about a year in the UK working for different agencies for zero-hours contracts. I had IT skills from the Czech Republic (1999-2012) but without paperwork, I could not apply for a job in the field.

"It was around October 2013 when the agency sent me to Par-Pak –where I then received basic training and started to operate machines in production. About five months later I got a permanent contract for the position.

"I was working as an operator for nearly two years but then I applied for a position in Support staff. During this time, I got some basic information about the company system and network, and one day I saw a job advert on the board for a position in IT –I decided to give it a try. I got a permanent position in IT, which I now do nearly 2 and a half year, and hope to progress further within the department."

Bohuslav Parenica, IT Support Assistant

"Started in august 1993 as an operator in thermoforming. Spent 2 years operating to achieve grade 1 status, able to operate all machinery in the thermoforming department.

"Then I moved into a setting where I spent 7 years, upskilling and becoming proficient in setting all machines in thermoforming. This included learning kiefels, illigs, gns, tfts and rdms.

"Promoted to cell leader of 5 people in world-class manufacturing cells for 2 years.

"Promoted to shift supervisor in charge of the full shift of thermoforming for 4 years. Instrumental in site move from Kilmac to Arklow.

"Promoted to the overall thermoforming manager to present day."

Derek Giles, Thermoforming Manager

"Almost 7 years ago I started to work at Par-Pak Europe Ltd. I have started here as a machine operator. After about a year I was trained to cover Cell Leader.

"After 2 years working in production, I applied for Office assistant role and I was successful. I am working in the office for almost 5 years now and had been helping different departments like customer service, accounts and now I am helping the HR department. I received Excel and Word training also I had been on an efficient receptionist course.

"I enjoy working here as I receive training each day from my colleagues and my day to day jobs varies all the time, so it never gets boring."

Monika Venclovaite, Office Assistant

"Nearly nine years ago I started work in this company. My first job position was a machine operator. After a couple of years, I was given the opportunity to process to a trainer position and started to train people to run machines. In the same time, I was doing Induction for new employees which start work in our company.

"I was then given the opportunity to support the main office by given different departments support during busy periods and for holiday cover. This included me being about to get trained on how to use different software programs and got to be involved in projects (sample room and archiving).

"One day I saw an advert on the board, that the technical department is looking for Technical Administrator. I decided to apply, and I am here working for 4 years in the Technical department."

Laura Lipavice, Technical Administrator

"In 2004 started as a ‘b’ grade trainee packer. It wasn’t long before made way through the packer grading system and due to showing a mechanical mind and interest of tool setting, was promoted to assistant tool setter.

"Then progressed through the levels of tool setter quickly and soon became the lead setter.

"In 2013, applied to be a Deputy Shift Manager and was enrolled on an NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Management by the company.

"In 2018 stepped into the current role of Shift Manager."

Antonio Da Silva, Shift Manager

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Employee Code of Conduct

Novolex is committed to performance and integrity throughout our operations and in the way we conduct ourselves with others outside our organisation every day. We depend on each of you to enable us to fulfil that commitment by taking the right actions and making the right decisions every day. The Novolex Employee Code of Conduct provides a foundation for how we conduct ourselves as a corporation and as individuals representing the Company. Every action we undertake reflects on us, our values and our character.