Quality And Standards

The best relationships are forged through trust. And trust is earned by keeping promises.

Whether it’s the safety of our employees or having the right controls in place so that we keep our promises to our customers, we work hard to ensure we have quality systems of the highest standard. That’s why almost two-thirds of our customer base continues to work with us well in excess of six years each.

Quality and Standards
Quality and Standards

Health and Safety

We ensure the highest levels of health, safety and hygiene for our employees and customers.

Because of our stringent ‘near misses’ reporting, all of our sites are high achievers on the Novolex Total Recordable Incidents (TIR) medallion scheme, which awards sites for number of years without TIR’s.

We hold monthly employee risk assessment, safety and quality sessions to ensure safety is always held in upmost regard.

We operate extensive use of stainless steel, knee operated hand washing facilities and positive atmospheric air pressure across all out sites, as well as strict Covid 19 prevention measures.


All of our three manufacturing sites in the UK and Ireland are accredited to BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6 Standard. Additionally, our UK sites are ISO accredited as follows:

  • Milton Keynes and Bridgwater UK – ISO9001:2015
  • Bridgwater, UK – 14001:2015

Best Practice

A sustainable manufacturing and value chain is key to making sure we exceed customer expectations at every opportunity, and our production sites are designed to mirror and indeed exceed, the standards and best practices of our food-manufacturing customers. We also operate a strict supplier code of conduct and carry out regular supplier audits. 

We employ a local disaster recovery plan at each site, with the majority of our tools being used across all our sites, allowing us to deliver our customer orders on time and in full in any eventuality.

We are continually investing in more efficient equipment and processes. For example, in 2021 we have already implemented a new state of the art CMS system for advanced order processing and invoicing, as well as a brand new extruder at our Bridgwater site.

It is also important to us that we work as efficiently as possible, in order to reduce our impact on the environment. We keep our controls well inside our customer standards, but we also go over and above to ensure we operate in an environmentally sustainable way which includes our commitment to reducing waste at all times.