Eureka Caterware

Introduction to Eureka Caterware

Tableluxe™ offers upscale reusable tableware for any gathering. Quality products offering light and easy transportation, combined with the look & feel of real porcelain, silver- and drinkware. Affordable chic, packaged for consumers and professionals!


Tableluxe™ servingware offers a full range of serving platters, bowls and utensils. Suitable for home and professional use. Serving platters are available in different sizes in black. Serving bowls are available in two sizes in black and white to suit every occasion.


Tableluxe™ presents a range of upscale drinkware, that enhances any social occasion, giving it an extra high quality and festive dimension. Ranging from champagne flutes to tumblers made with different materials like PET, PP and PS.


Following the trend of high-end tapas and attractive looking ‘finger food’, Tableluxe™ presents a core line mini servingware.


We care about our environment, which is why our plastic products are of the highest quality and can be used multiple times.

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