In-House Design

From initial customer concept to sample available in as little as 24hrs when required, our in-house design department allows us quick turnaround for all our customer's needs.

We offer 3D design with photo-realistic rendering, fast track rapid prototypes made with in-house 3D printing and CNC capabilities.

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Concept Design

All 3D models from design are then translated to CNC to create sample moulds. Our 3D printing allows us to print replica products to analyse fit within designs. All prototype samples are checked to ensure they meet our customers' needs.

Rapid Prototyping 

Our in-house Development department can CNC machine rapid prototype moulds straight from 3D models. This ensures that what our customer has seen as a 2D design is what they receive as a 3D sample. The sample mould is then used to produce production representative samples for test and trial purposes.

Woman working with onscreen prototypes
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Our Development department is equipped with multiple thermoforming machines.  This allows us to produce a few samples for customer to check and sign off or large scale bulk sampling for line trials and testing. All samples are made to the highest quality standards and are dispatched and tracked to ensure they arrive when required.

Machine operator