Eco Blend™

These innovative products bring to life the ideal practice behind a true circular economy, keeping plastic away from landfill by turning today’s discarded bottles, pots, tubs and trays into tomorrow’s packaging.

Our Eco Blend™ Pura rPET tray range is made entirely from post-consumer recycled waste (PCW).  The range of thermoformed trays, collation trays, punnet boxes and pots are also fully recyclable and suitable for packaging a wide range of food items including meat and fish, baked goods, prepared food, soft fruits and salads.

The Eco Blend™ 100 range of packaging – made from 100% recycled content derived from a mixture of both post-consumer (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW) content, offers customers the same superior shelf display, food safety and environmental benefits as the Eco Blend™ Pura line but at a slightly lower price point. 

Eco Blend Sample Tray