Extruded Sheet Material

Waddington Europe is a leading extruder of sheet plastic. With a 24/7 extrusion department, we can produce BRC Grade A/European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved sheet material in a variety of blends, right up to 100% recycled PET (rPET).


  • Agile and super clean process
  • Approved with most major multiples in UK and Ireland
  • Focus on rPET and low carbon footprint
Inside a warehouse filled with rolls of sheet plastic

In-house extrusion

Products stacked on warehouse shelves
Factory interior showing the extruding machinery
Granules of plastic before processing
Sheet plastic material
Sheet plastic on a cutting machine

Long-term partnerships/raw material volume with recyclers who specifically hold contracts with the UK and Irish councils for their doorstep collection materials, future-proof against Brexit. We also have access, via Novolex, to PCW sourced within the US/Canada providing us with a safety net for emergency situations.

Colour Range

We have masterbatch available in a range of colours to suit your branding requirements.

Clear HP01 rPET
Milky White HP02 rPET
White HP03 rPET
White Tint HP04 rPET
White Tint (Natural) HP05 rPET
Silver HP06 rPET
Light Silver HP07 rPET
Gold HP08 rPET
Brass HP10 rPET
Black HP16 rPET
Dark Blue HP17 rPET
Mid Blue HP20 rPET
Baby Blue HP21 rPET
Apple Green HP23 rPET
Green HP24 rPET
Green HP25 rPET
Red HP28 rPET
Yellow HP29 rPET
Dark Green HP36 rPET
Dark Grey HP43 rPET
Yellow Gold HP45 rPET
Cream HP60 rPET
Light Blue Tint HP61 rPET
Cool Grey HP66 rPET
Finest Grey HP67 rPET
Black HP70 NIR

Roll Stock

Sheet specification chart