MONOAIR™ cushion technology

Soft-fruit containers that no longer need extra bubble padding

Introducing our new 100% mono-material protective soft-fruit punnet, thanks to its revolutionary MONOAIR™ cushion technology.

Traditionally, punnet bases have required an additional layer of bubble padding attached with a glue adhesive to protect soft fruit from bruising and spoiling in transit. However, the padding must be removed from the container to be properly recycled.

The MONOAIR™ cushion is now integrated into the base of Waddington’s 100% recycled PET (rPET) punnets, eliminating the need for a separate bubble pad, which conserves resources without compromising on our high standards of product protection and quality.

We’ve also redesigned and downgauged the punnets so that they now contain 30% less plastic than before while still maintaining their excellent structural integrity.

MONOAIR™ cushion technology makes life easier for consumers, who can now simply throw the whole punnet into their recycling bin without having to worry about separating the bubble padding first. That gives them peace of mind knowing that not only is there less plastic in the punnet, but that 100% of the container can be recycled back into food-grade packaging rPET.

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