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Waddington Europe visits Ricoh for Chemical Management System Certificate Presentation


Waddington Europe visits Ricoh for Chemical Management System Certificate Presentation

Image: Left to right – Mark Stores and Sam Mesher - Waddington Europe, Elaine Herwin and Jo Weaver – Ricoh

Ricoh UK Products Ltd is well known for high-quality printers, digital duplicators, and multifunction printers/scanners/copiers. Waddington Europe is a long-standing supplier of thermoformed toner trays for Ricoh and recently visited the Ricoh Telford for a site tour as well as to receive their Chemical Substances Management System (CMS) Audit Certificate.

As part of their green procurement commitment, Ricoh require their suppliers to establish and obtain CMS certification for their business establishments and factories involved in the production of raw materials, parts, and products for Ricoh Group affiliates. Waddington Europe Bridgwater facility, Ricoh’s trusted supplier of thermoformed trays for their toner areas, has implemented Ricoh’s Chemical Management System since 2015. The Bridgwater site undergoes biannual audits by Ricoh to ensure compliance. 

“Sam Mesher and the Waddington Europe team deserve all the credit for their exceptional work” said Elaine Herwin, Ricoh’s Purchasing Environmental Specialist “The Ricoh Group considers environmental conservation activities to be a crucial part of our management responsibilities. We actively promote green procurement initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. As global environmental restrictions become more stringent, safeguarding the environment, and ensuring the well-being of all organisms, including humans, has gained increased attention.”

“Collaborating with the Ricoh Group has been an absolute delight” commented Sam Mesher, Bridgwater’s Quality & EHS Manager. “Their team of highly skilled professionals not only possess profound expertise in their field but also demonstrate unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Their Telford site was impeccably maintained, boasting a sleek and efficient setup with innovative ideas. The positive culture permeated the entire facility, creating a calm and organised atmosphere that was further accentuated by the friendly and welcoming staff.”

Waddington Europe Bridgwater’s successful CMS audit follows several outstanding audit achievements in 2023 including BRCGS AA grade and ISO 9001 and 14001, both of which were achieved with zero non-conformances. 

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