Prepared Food – PET/PP

Our prepared food range features a wide range of innovative designs, with optimum clarity, maximum shelf presence and ease of use in mind.

The bowls, containers, trays, tubs and pots in our range suit all requirements, and can be manufactured using up to 100% recycled content with 100% recyclability.

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Tubs and Lid - PP

Our tubs and lids are specifically designed for microwaveable ready meals, with a leak-resistant seal between the lid and base.

Trays (Single and Multiple Cavity) - PET

Our single and multi-cavity PET trays are suitable for all ‘food on the move’ markets as well as for prepared products. Offering maximum shelf presence and shelf life, all these products can also be heat sealed.

Pots - PET

We offer a variety of pots in different capacities and ergonomic designs which are perfect for prepared fruit and snacks. Offering excellent clarity and shelf presence, all these products can also be heat sealed.